Meet Our Medical Staff

Due to the lack of accessible emergency/urgent medical care in the Bastrop region, Dr. Ashish Singhal decided to bring his expertise in emergency care to this area by opening a Texan Urgent Care clinic in Bastrop in June 2011. Building on Bastrop’s success of providing immediate medical care, Texan Urgent Care opened its second location in Waco, Texas in February 2012. Since then, Texan Urgent Care has opened additional clinics throughout Texas with new centers opening soon.

Given the long delays in emergency rooms coupled with expensive ER costs and copays, Texan Urgent Care provides medical care in a friendly, cost-effective, and caring environment. Often times, our total cost of care is less than just the Emergency Room copays. Overall, in many instances our costs can save you up to 70% off emergency room costs. At Texan Urgent Care, we typically use medical providers that have extensive emergency room experience working in high volume centers. As a result, one gets the expertise of care by qualified emergency providers at an urgent care price. This is our motto and something we deliver at all our centers.

Our Texan Urgent Care staff work closely with multiple subspecialists in various medical fields including orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, cardiology, gastroenterology, pulmonary, hand surgery, urology, and others. We try to offer complete medical care and will refer patients to these specialists from our center if needed. Texan Urgent Care is a walk-in urgent care clinic open throughout the year. 

The clinic’s goal is to provide quality, skilled, thorough, and readily available medical care in an urgent care setting. Our highly-trained and caring staff will ensure that you get the exceptional service that you deserve. Our providers can organize referrals and direct you to the appropriate specialist(s), or refer you back to your primary care physician and coordinate follow-up care.

Dr. Ashish Singhal MD.,
Founder Texan Urgent Care